Automatic fish feeder 100g

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a, patented design to prevent moisture or Pellet feed for loose sheets and pellet feeding;
b, choose vertical or embedded in the edge of the tank installation, manual operation can be automatic, safe and convenient;
c, for all kinds of aquarium and fish pond, fish lovers are busy on the go more than an ideal helper.
Note: the misplacement of the daily feeding can be one / two times, once every 24/12 hours of feeding, food intake may need to adjust.

Size: 10 × high-6, plus the base 10 × 8 cm thick
Feed box diameter: diameter of 5 × 3 cm thick

1Open the battery cover into 2x “AA” 1.5V alkaline batteries.
2 feeding time setting
Slide the dial button can be set to 12H aligned every 12 hours or 24 hours to feed one time, or time from the moment of power on the last press
Manual key moments begin.
3 manual
In addition to automatic feeding function, each time the manual button, the device will vote again.
4 feeding
The device for loading sheet or granular foodstuffs, the foodstuffs boxes set aside to open the transparent cover fill feeding.
5 clean cabinet
Remove the food-stuffs boxes, clean box.
6. Feedings
(1) to the highest setting when:
Small particles (φ1.5) diets can be loaded to 40 grams, 8 grams each can be fed, you can feed five times;
Large particles (φ4.5) diets can be loaded 28 grams, can be fed one gram each, you can feed 28 times.
(2) transferred to the stalls;
Only applies to small particles foodstuffs. Fed 5 grams each time, you can feed 8 times.
7. Positioning devices
According to the fish tank in the form of feeder installed in two waysa. the edge of the bracket arrangement in the tank, tighten the plastic Rose. The bottom feeder of the main chute on the dovetail slot into the cradle, adjust the feeder location, the export can be aligned to ensure that foodstuffs aquarium tank opening.
b. separation of the Velcro on both sides, tear the sticker on the back, were to be attached to the feeder and the bottom of the tank covered with the appropriate location and then installed in the feeder tank covered by Velcro appropriate location to ensure that foodstuffs container exports to align the tank opening.

8. Ration possible to adjust the minimum ration of 1 g, the maximum feeding capacity of 8 grams.

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