Nepall Mini Metal Aquarium Heater 50w

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Nepall Mini Metal Aquarium Heater Super Short Aquarium Heater with External Temperature Control By taking full advantage of the model technology this aquarium heater features: Super short in length, easy to hide in your aquarium Fast heating to the set temperature High accuracy of temperature Automatic power-off when the heater is out of water or if the water level is low Easy to operate without getting your hands wet – by simply setting the external thermal controller Blast Proof

  • SUPER MINI SIZE – This aquarium heater is SUPER SHORT in length 11.5cm – might be the shortest heater in the market. It is only a bit more than HALF of the length comparing with the traditional fish heaters! The innovative super short length perfectly solves the headache of the fish keepers on the traditional aquarium heaters! Takes up less space, easy to hide, but in full power! Temperature range is 26-34*C
  • ACCURATE TEMPERATURE – Thanks to the intelligent inverter technology, with the in-built chips the thermostat keeps the heater at a constant temperature at an accuracy of 1*C, much more accurate than the traditional knob-controlled fish heaters. The thermostat shows 2 readings – the current temperature and the set temperature – very easy to operate.
  • DRY RUN / OVERHEATING PROTECTION – Full consideration of safety. With the multiple protections this fish tank heater will stop working when the water level is lower than the minimum water level (DRY RUN PROTECTION) or when the water temperature exceeds 97F (OVERHEATING PROTECTION). You are free from “cooking fish”!
  • ULTRA TOUGH CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from durable thermal shatter-resistant Metal, this heater guarantees safety and reliability in heating your aquarium.
  • WATERPROOF WITH EXTERNAL CONTROLLER: This Heater Comes With the External Temperature Controller and Easy to Operate and its completely water proof .

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